Melouk Group is a shoe and bags manufacturer & retailer company based in Cairo, Egypt. The company was founded in 1970 by Abd El-Maksoud Melouk, Melouk group owns 3 brand names Melouk, Imola, and Perto.

Abd El-Maksoud Melouk [The Founder]

Is the founder of the company and the owner of the vision of the implementation of the brand with all the success, future planning and manufacturing trend since the beginning of 1970 in the field of shoes and women's bags. He also added a new section for the manufacture of children's shoes. He also is the leader and teacher to us within this entity.

Our Vision

  • An attractive price,
  • A reference Love-mark for all women
  • Who want to live the modern style
  • With personality, character and the "right heel".
  • Increase the reference market share, expand the target by involving more, more generations, trends and styles
  • Push the growth to meet the demands of present and future customers more and more


Within this company, we learned that group work is the best way to work, which is given to belonging, love and reaching the goals that are specified in the company's annual plan. In companies based on successful employees who wish to progress in the working life

We're Fashion Product Makers

Contemporary style, super glam shoes, trendy bags and accessories to enhance every outfit

Social activity and charity

This is what we are used to in this company. It is considered necessary for successful companies that they can contribute to social and charitable activity, which is supposed to be among the basics of dealing with people

Our Future

The future will always be in progress within this company for the continuous pursuit of development from the production and the final product and reach the largest number of customers in the near term. We also believe that Melouk Group has many future generations that have a lot to offer for the career of footwear in Egypt